Angelina Jolie is Back and Joey Watches Harry Potter For the First Time

At the top of the episode, we cover some news. If you’re a simp for popcorn then AMC has you covered, Fast and Furious wants to do a crossover with Jurassic World, and more. Then, we review “Those Who Wish Me Dead” (HBO Max). Angelina Jolie is back and she’s actually de-aged. High key this movie slaps. Then, we end it with a new segment for the pod. Joey is going through the Harry Potter series for the first time ever. After he finishes a movie he gives a synopsis of what happened. Little teaser, Ron Weasley is a turd and Owls > Email. For the next episode, watch “A Quiet Place” one AND “A Quiet Place” two (if you can make it to the theater). Let us know what you thought of this ep on the insta @bingebrospod. Also, don’t forget to add us on Letterboxd. Follow us there to see our movie reviews (they don’t do TV shows) @bingebros.

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Today's episode of Binge Bros podcast: Joey and Natty review "Loki" from Disney+, cover a lot of news, and go over Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!

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