Who Has the Best Streaming Content?

Sara joins us to debate who has the best OG streaming content.

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We’re pretty open about our opinions on streaming content. We’ve said before that Netflix, while good, doesn’t have the best original streaming content. That really pissed off Sara, Natty’s older sister. Aka she joins us on this episode to talk about which service has the best streaming content. Also on this episode is our review of Crazy Rich Asians. Enjoy fam.


-Crazy Rich Asians (00:26)

-Best Streaming Content (16:43)


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Joey is what we like to call a reformed Yankee. Before moving to the Carolinas, he spent most of his life in Jersey. He went to Furman University, where he studied accounting and communications. On a Saturday, you can find Joe on the golf course with the boys or catching the newest movie at the theatre.

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