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We start off the episode by covering a ton of news. Last week MGM was touching lips with Bezos and now they’re in bed together. This was also a big week for celebrity apologies. Speaking of apologies, Zac Snyder has yet to apologize to us for his entire movie catalog and instead has doubled down on making more movies. This time he’s taking a stab at Star Wars. Also, Game of Thrones production company, D&D, gets pleasure from torturing their talent. That’s just some of the news, there’s a lot more we cover. After that, we go over to Amazon Prime and hunt some Nazis with the incredible show “Hunters.” Listen for our full discussion and review. Joey’s favorite character is Joe, starting to see a pattern? For the next episode, head over to Netflix and watch “Army of the Dead.” Go get some sun this weekend, we’ll be back on Tuesday. Let us know what you thought of this ep on the insta @bingebrospod. Also, don’t forget to add us on Letterboxd. Follow us there to see our movie reviews (they don’t do TV shows) @bingebros.

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Today's episode of Binge Bros podcast: Joey and Natty review "Loki" from Disney+, cover a lot of news, and go over Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!

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