Book Review: ‘Blue Madagascar’ by Andrew Kaplan

A book that makes you wonder about who runs the world and who really are the good guys out there. Nonstop action, suspense, and adventure from page 1!

A jewelry store heist in Marseilles goes terribly wrong.

Andrew Kaplan has done it again!!! Nonstop action, suspense, and adventure from page 1! It is two days before the Presidential elections and the leading candidate dies from a bullet wound in an apparent suicide. Why would this happen? Was it suicide? The world is stunned and thus begins Kaplan’s newest book. He introduces us to what may be his next multi-book heroine, Agent Casey Ramirez, a hard-edged Latina from the mean streets of Los Angeles.

Blue Madagascar by Andrew Kaplan

The book is divided into different time segments after the opening salvo. What happened 6-weeks ago, 4-weeks ago, 2-weeks ago, 2-days ago, and the night of the death. Moving quickly from Miami to Mexico, to Panama, and then off to Washington DC, France, and other areas in Europe, Ramirez is a fish out of the water, selected to help solve a French murder much to her puzzlement. A jewelry store heist in Marseilles has gone wrong and an American is murdered. Nobody knows his identity and so Casey is sent to assist the French police. There are multiple gangs, mafias, and even Russians involved, and with each, she is able to use her wits as they all seek the Blue Madagascar? What is it? A person, a group, a syndicate? And why has there been a demand for $100 Million Dollars that must be paid or else details will be spilled to the world press.

Kaplan keeps the suspense and action moving at a rapid pace and one is hard-pressed to put this book down until the exciting conclusion. It is a well-woven plot, with interesting characters and a pacing that is synonymous with Kaplan’s work. It is a worthy addition to his prior works and it is a book that also makes you wonder about who runs the world, and who really are the good guys out there! Overall a 4.5 **** rating for me!


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