Book Review: ‘Murder in the Queen’s Armes’ (Gideon Oliver #3) by Aaron Elkins

    An enjoyable and light read. I enjoy the fact that the “detective” in the book is actually a scientist.



    Aaron Elkins has had a long and prolific career that includes an undergraduate degree at Hunter College, two Master’s Degrees, and a Doctorate from UC Berkeley. A governmental employee, teacher, lecturer, and anthropologist, Elkins then turned to writing. He is best known for his 18 book series that features forensic anthropologist, Gideon Oliver, but he has also written four other series (two of which are co-authored with his wife Charlotte). The couple resides in the state of Washington, and they have won numerous writing awards. One of the top mystery writers for the past 30 years, Elkins in his free time is a part of the Cold Case Task Force!

    The third entry in this series sees Anthropologist Gideon Oliver over in England on his honeymoon with his wife of just a few days, Julie. Here Gideon quickly discovers a robbery at a museum and then is roped into going to his friend’s dig site also in England. As with all of these books, we discover a lot about bones – as Gideon is now a well-known bone detective – and he uses his knowledge to try and wade through all the issues, including a murder that crops up on this trip. Supporting characters are not necessarily that well fleshed out, but we get just enough to figure out everyone’s place in the book and mystery. Each of the books so far has been enjoyable and light reading and I enjoy the fact that the “detective” in the book is actually a scientist. For fans of this series, this is a solid work that takes Gideon over to Jolly Olde England, and no matter what he does, he cannot escape from being involved in the mystery. 



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