Book Review: ‘What is Charlie Doing?’ by Joy Anna

    A charming book about a Service Dog named Charlie.



    Joy Anna (Joyanna Grinnell-Diaz) is an executive and consultant and recently has begun writing children’s books. She is a graduate of UNLV and is a self-described survivor and woman of faith. She lives with her family and her dog Charlie.

    Well, this is a charming book about a Service Dog named Charlie. He is a Goldendoodle and has been trained to assist his owner, Joy. Charlie can detect over 100,000 different scents and can also tell which are good scents and which are potentially harmful to Joy. Just a wonderful book about a cute dog who has lots of tasks to master to help his master and why it is necessary to avoid petting or playing with Charlie while he is on a leash and wearing his service vest. Super good book for kids with enjoyable illustrations!



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