House Secrets by Mike Lawson

Another winner by author Mike Lawson in his Joe DeMarco political thriller series. Lawson gets better and better with each book!

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Another winner by author Mike Lawson in his Joe DeMarco political thriller series. Lawson gets better and better, in my opinion, and this book requires DeMarco to use any and all sources to try and stop a serial killer. But here the serial killer usually does not do the killing! No, we have Senator Paul Morelli, who is being groomed to run for President, and DeMarco is sent to investigate the death of a rather humdrum journalist who refuses to believe the autopsy results and is sure something criminal happened to the young man. But when DeMarco investigates there is no evidence of wrongdoing, but he does find a small slip of paper that contains a few names and dates, and also some indications that the journalist was investigating the Senator. But when tracking down these names he finds two women who refuse to talk about the Senator, and anyone else whose name is on the list has died. All of those individuals had somehow been political opponents of Morelli. But someone is killing them, and it appears that there is a powerful figure lurking in the background who somehow can assist Morelli. Lots of murders in this book, lots of twists and turns, and DeMarco involves the Mafia, the Texas Senator who will be Morelli’s opponent in the next Presidential elections, as well as his good friend Emma (a retired espionage agent who knows everyone and everything). Well-paced, with believable characters, including two blundering CIA assets (Carl and Jerry) who try to follow DeMarco and provide some laugh-out-loud humor along the way. Everything is well-plotted and we wonder if it is realistic, but nonetheless, it is super enjoyable and gives us a wild ending to the book. Cannot wait to start his next book. Always fun, always well written, and always politically believable.


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