Fasting and Keto

    Unlock the full benefits of keto with intermittent fasting.



    If you do any research on keto online you usually find articles that also talk about fasting. Keto and fasting go hand in hand. It’s very hard to avoid fasting while on the keto diet. 

    Today’s blog is talking all about fasting and ketosis. 

    What is Fasting?

    Fasting is avoiding consuming anything that has any macronutrients (proteins, carbs, or fats) for a set amount of time. There are many benefits to fasting and two of the biggest benefits are controlling blood sugar and increasing focus. 

    There are many types of fasts you can do. The most popular is the 16:8 fast. This is where you do not eat for 16 hours and then you have a window of 8 hours where you eat. This is typically my preferred fast. Sometimes I do 18:6 just depending on how much I have to get done for the day. 


    Why do fasting and keto go hand in hand? 

    When you don’t eat for prolonged periods of time your body needs to used its stored energy to keep going. When you are on a keto diet this stored energy will be your own fat cells so you are literally burning fat! 

    You’ll start noticing that you will skip breakfast while on keto. You are going to be more in tune with your body so if you aren’t hungry you just won’t eat. I naturally started fasting and I usually fast all week. 

    Your body starts using energy differently when you are in ketosis. Your body is using fat for energy so when you eat a high-fat meal you are able to stay full much longer and your body doesn’t feel too full as soon. Keto and fasting really go hand in hand because it is such a high-fat diet it just lends itself to fasting. 

    You will start to really see the benefit of keto and fasting when you wake up full of energy and just keep going all day. You don’t need to stop for snacks or breaks and eating will start to slow you down. That does not mean you should skip meals, but if you have a busy day, fasting will let you keep going! 

    An example of a fasting day

    I never eat breakfast and I always have lunch around 12 in the afternoon. I make sure I stop eating at 8 pm and that allows me for an easy 16 hour fast! If I’m very busy during my day I will try to eat lunch around 2 and give myself an 18 hour fast. It’s really simple to fast if you allow yourself to have the same eating schedule every day. I find eating at the same time each day allows me to successfully fast. 


    Breakfast – water and coffee

    Late lunch 12 pm or 2 pm – Sardine Salad

    Snack – nuts

    Dinner 5pm or 6 pm – protein & veggies

    Stop eating by 8 pm 

    If fasting has been hard for you, download the app Zero. I have been using this app for years! I love it and it’s a great reminder of when you start and stop a fast – both of with are important! 



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