Guide to Eating Out on Keto

    Don't pass on going out with friends - use these tips to stay in keto when you're at a restaurant.



    Cooking at home is always the best way to make sure your food is keto-approved, but we all have situations where we have to go out to eat! Going out to eat does not mean that you can’t stay on keto, but it can be a little challenging. 

    Here are my tips for making sure you stay on keto while also going out to eat! 

    Check out the menu ahead of time 

    The best thing that you can do when you want to go out to eat on the keto diet is look at the menu of where you are going ahead of time. You may even want to decide what you want to eat before you even get there. 

    Find out what meals are keto – meats and veggies are always a good option. If you see something that has sauce on it see if you can get that taken off. If your meal comes with a side of veggies and a starchy veggie, ask for double keto veggies. Avoid any pasta or bread dishes as those won’t be keto. 


    Ask for substitutes 

    If you can’t look at the menu before you go to a restaurant then make sure you follow a few of these rules. 

    Always look for a meat option like chicken or steak. 

    Ask for no sauces on your meat. Most sauces have some type of sugar. 

    If your meal comes with two sides, always try to get broccoli or other low-carb vegetables. Things like rice and potatoes are not keto. 

    Skip alcohol 

    While you can have alcohol on the keto diet, another post on that to come, you should skip on alcohol. You never know if a glass of wine or cocktail will have hidden sugars in them. Stick with water or if you something other than water then a diet soda. 

    Don’t grab those free roles 

    Most restaurants provide bread or chips before a meal. Do not reach for those! Don’t make a big deal for not eating it. Just drink your water and enjoy the conversation. 

    If your meal comes with a salad make sure to get ranch over any other dressing and take off any croutons. 

    Pass on dessert 

    Sugar is a no-no on the keto diet so it should be pretty obvious that dessert is not allowed. When asked for dessert you can always ask for a black coffee if everyone else is getting something. If people insist on dessert you can let them know you are full. No one ever gives me a hard time for passing on dessert though. 


    Eat before you head out 

    Lastly, if you aren’t sure what keto meal options you will have then make sure you eat a keto-friendly snack before heading out. This will help with two things. If you arrive hungry you might be tempted to eat the bread or get a non-keto meal, but you will also be okay with eating less if you get a smaller, keto-friendly option. 

    There are many articles out there to help you prepare for eating keto out. There are even specific articles on eating keto at different chain restaurants or fast food joints. You can stick to keto and still enjoy going out to eat!  



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