Keto Friendly Snacks

You don’t have to give up snacking just because you’re on a keto diet. All you have to do is modify what you snack on. Here’s a list of my favorite keto-friendly snacks.

Snacking can be a great way to help you stay full if you are hungry during the day, but snacking can also ruin your diet if you aren’t careful! Having pre-planned Keto-Approved snacks will help you stay on track and keep you full. You don’t want to be at home or in the office without these snacks to keep you on track. You won’t be tempted to buy candy at the store if you are prepared. 

Here are the best keto snacks to have: 


A board of cheese with olives, tomatoes, and lettuce

Cheese is my go-to keto snack. Most cheeses are no-carb or very low-carb. If you have no carb cheese then you can eat as much as you want (listen to your body though and stop eating when you are full). If there is a cheese that has carbs, measure out how much you want to have. 

My favorite cheeses to snack on are:





If you are ever in a rush, have your cheese cut up into small cubes and into pre-portioned baggies so you can quickly grab your pre-planned snack. 


Pile of Nuts

Nuts are an excellent snack to have. They are full of fat and other wonderful minerals and vitamins. Nuts are higher in carb though so I would recommend you pre-measure your nuts before you start eating them. They are so tasty that you can easily go over your carb limit. If you want to learn more about nuts check out last week’s blog post. 

My favorite nuts to snack on are:

Macadamia Nuts


Brazil Nuts 

Nuts are a great snack to bring with you. They don’t need to be refrigerated. I always have one to two portions of nuts with me if I’ll be away from home for a while. 


Hard Boiled Egg

The key to staying full-on keto is making sure you have enough protein. Protein will keep you full the longest if you eat enough of it. Eggs are a great source of protein and have no carbs. 

Here are some ways you can eat an egg as a snack:



Deviled Eggs

Egg Salad 

I like to always keep boiled eggs in the fridge so I always have a quick snack to grab during the day. I can eat it as is or transform it. That’s the great thing about eggs – they are easy to make and can be made in many ways. 


Berries in a white bowl

If you’ve read my previous blog post on berries then you know that you can enjoy all types of berries on keto! Berries are a great source of carbohydrates if you are craving carbs or sugars while staying within your net carbs. 

My favorite berries to eat as a snack are: 





Have these washed in your fridge and pre-portioned so you can enjoy these on the go and know that you aren’t overeating on berries. 

Pork Rinds 

Pork rinds are a secret keto super snack! They are no carb and full of fat – you can eat as many as you want and not worry about how many carbs you are eating. You can enjoy pork rinds with cheese like you would with a cracker or on its own. 

Cured Meats

I don’t eat cured meats often, but I do love salami and capicola every so often. This is a great low carb to no carb snack if you want some extra protein and even some salt. I get a great variety pack of cured meats from Costo and they freeze really easily. I’ll grab a few slices of meat when I need a snack that I know will hold me over until dinner. 

Some of my favorite cured meats are: 





Pickles & Olives 

Plate of Olives

If you are craving something salty, reach for a pickle or some olives! I always have pickles and olives in my fridge. Most pickles and olives are zero carbs so you can also eat as many as you need to feel full. Olives are loaded with healthy fats. 

You can enjoy pickles and olives with nuts, cheese, and cured as a meal! 

Keto Ice Cream 

Via Eat This, Not That

I try to stay away from products that are sold as Keto, but Keto ice cream is one of my favorite snacks to have! I like to have half a pint after dinner most nights and it is only 2-4 grams of net carbs. Keto ice cream is higher in fat so it can help satisfy your midnight snack craving and gives you that sweet taste with no sugars. 


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