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Welcome to Keto Corner!

Welcome to Keto Corner – an Amalfi Media blog dedicated to all things Keto. 

Here you will find tips and tricks about the Ketogenic Diet as well as low carb recipes and lifestyle ideas! 

I lost 40 pounds on the Ketogenic diet in around 6 months and still am on my weightloss journey. During my time on the keto diet I’ve figured out ways to make eating low carb as part of my daily life. This blog is a way for me to share these things I’ve learned with anyone who is interested in doing a Keto/Low carb diet. 

As a foodie, it’s important for me to eat food that not only fuels my body but that is truly delicious. I’ve changed my relationship with food during my weight loss journey and this has been just as important as eating low carb. 

I classify my recipes as clean keto recipes, but every now and then you’ll see a dirty keto or even a lazy keto recipes. My main priority is that the food I eat is nutritious, high in protein, and easy to cook! 

While diet has been a big portion of my weightloss journey, I also attribute my success to the lifestyle that I now have. Walks, low caffeine, plenty of water, and getting a good night’s sleep also are huge factors to living a healthy lifestyle. 

Join me each week (maybe even more) to see what’s happening in my Keto Corner! 

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