What to Expect On Your First Month of Keto

High energy, mental focus, and a better night’s sleep. Here’s everything you can expect on your first month of a keto diet.

When you are in full Ketosis, your body will feel so different. You’ll have wondered how you functioned with your carbohydrate diet! Compared to the first week of keto, your first full month will feel so different. 

Here is what you can expect in your first month of keto:

High Energy 

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One morning you will wake up and feel like a new person. You’ll probably wake up before your alarm and be ready to concur the day without your cup of coffee! This is one of my favorite things about keto. When your body is fully keto-adapted, you’ll have more energy than you realize! You’ll wake up refreshed, you won’t have any mid-day crashes, you won’t need as much caffeine, and you’ll be able to keep going until it’s time for bed. 

A good night’s sleep (& less of it) 

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With all of the high energy you have, you will sleep so much better. I typically have a lot of energy, but once it’s my bedtime I crash so hard! As soon as my head hits the pillow I am asleep and I don’t toss and turn anymore. You also might not need as much sleep. Before keto, I needed around 8 hours and now I wake up around 7 hours. 

More Focus 

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With your high energy also comes an increased level of focus. You’ll be able to stay on a task for longer and not get distracted. Some of the tasks you’ve been pushing aside will probably get completed! 

Eating Less Food & Staying Full 

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The more into Keto you get the less food you end up needing. When you eat more protein your body is able to stay full for a longer amount of time. Compared to that first week when you are very hungry, you’ll slowly eat less and less. This will create a calorie deficit and help you lose a consistent amount of weight. 

Ability to Fast

empty plate

Despite eating less, your body will be fairly full if you are eating enough during your meals. You might naturally start to fast or you might decide you intentionally want to fast. In another post, I’ll discuss the benefits of fasting, but you might realize that you are skipping breakfast and not really hungry for lunch like you used to be. Not being hungry will be a new normal, which makes keto a great diet! On other diets, you are always hungry and thinking of food, but in Keto, you will never feel this way (unless you don’t eat enough food). 

Consistent Weight Loss 

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As you are eating less, staying full more, and fasting, you’ll start to have a more consistent weight loss experience. You can target around 1-2 pounds loss a week, which is a great rate! You don’t want to lose too much more than this every week because you might not be eating enough food to fuel your body. 

Easier time on toilet


Compared to your first week of keto, you’ll soon have an easier time on the toilet. You might go less frequently because you are eating less, but you’ll probably have an easier time than before because of what you are eating. I found I was eating more fiber and vegetables on keto than I was when I wasn’t on keto – fiber and veggies help your digestive system! 

Increase intake of water

Girl Drinking Water

While you won’t have the same intense thirst, you’ll drink more water on keto. Your body will be thirstier than normal, but having a water bottle on hand will help you out. You’ll keep peeing a lot, but it won’t be as bad as that first week! 

No sugar cravings 

Plate of Donuts

The longer your body goes without having processed carbs and sugars, the easier it will be to say no to desserts. I remember about a month into keto I went to the grocery store and walked through the bakery area and not wanting any of the desserts. The sugary smell didn’t attract me and nothing looked appetizing. It was a dramatic shift from when I ate sugar all the time because the bakery area was my weakness! Now it’s easy to walk by and not be tempted. 

Listening to your body 

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You will soon start to really listen to your body on keto. You’ll realize that the way you were eating and drinking before was really causing more than just a weight issue in your life. When you listen to your body you’ll know when you need more water, more sleep, more vegetables, and so on. You’ll find certain keto-approved foods don’t make you feel good so you might decide to cut those out of your diet. You may find that eating the same thing each day for lunch helps you stay full, but not too full that you are tired after lunch. You’ll have a new relationship with your body after this first month! 

Working out more 

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You may find that you have so much energy that you are very fidgety. If you have a lot of energy, start going on walks and working out. When I am full-on keto I usually do a 30-minute workout in the morning and after dinner, I’ll walk for an hour to two hours! You’ll be able to really start seeing progress in your weight loss once you start moving more. 

This state of ketosis will remain as long as you are eating keto. That first week of keto is the only time that keto is not fun, but after that, you can expect to feel amazing! Keep up the great work and you’ll soon be at your goal! 


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