Are Subscription Boxes Worth It?


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    Sticking to last week’s theme of free trial subscriptions, today I wanted to talk to you all about subscription boxes! 

    I feel like in the recent few years subscription boxes have become all the rage. We have beauty subscription boxes, food subscription boxes, snack subscription boxes, dog subscription boxes, and so much more. I could spend an entire episode categorizing all of the subscription boxes that there are. 

    Subscription boxes are a very unique thing. They come in a variety of price options so everyone can afford the box that fits their needs and they usually are a pretty good value. If you were to buy the items in a subscription box it would probably cost you much more than that subscription did. 

    However, you all know that if I bring something up as a frugal tip then there must be something not adding up. Are subscriptions boxes truly a good value? Are they worth subscribing to monthly? The answer to these questions is it depends. 

    Subscription boxes seem like the best bang for your buck. And they are. Only if you were already going to spend money on those things though. See, if you don’t intend to buy all of the products in that box, then you really spend more money then you would have originally spent. Subscription boxes get you that way. They always tell you the “true value” of the items in that box to make it seem like you snagged a great deal. But, if you weren’t already planning to buy those things, then you really didn’t get the best deal because the best deal is leaving that thing on the shelf. 

    Now, it may be fun to get a subscription box, and I get that. I used to get the FabFitFun subscription box. My dad got it for me as a Christmas gift for a few years. I actually really enjoyed getting these boxes. There was always something unique in these boxes to try and some of my favorite products are ones that I found in those boxes. However, after a few years, I could only get so many face creams, conditioners, and small household items. And out of all of the boxes I got there were only those few items that really were good for my lifestyle. So that’s the other aspect of subscription boxes. They tend to be things that you don’t necessarily need. They will start to pile up in your apartment and clutter up your space. You may use that item one or two times, but you either don’t like it, forget about it, toss it, or give it away. Your money might be better spent buying something that actually will bring you value. 

    Let me give you another example. I got my father this Hygge box for fathers day. I got a year subscription and it came every 3 months. I thought it would be more of a general hygge gift, but it ended up being more crafty and things that weren’t appropriate for my dad. He did get one or two items he uses, but most of the items were things that he wouldn’t use. 

    Some subscription boxes are a good idea though. I know a lot of people at my apartment get the Misfit Veggies or Hello Fresh meal kits delivered. These aren’t subscription boxes I would personally buy because I can get my groceries for cheaper, but they are so popular because of how easy and customizable they are. 

    And maybe a subscription box is a good gift for your friend or family member. Let’s say your friend just got a dog and you want to give them a gift. I’m sure there is a doggy and me subscription box that you could give to that friend for a year. The cost of a subscription box is so cheap that you can afford a year’s worth of a subscription as a gift and keep the fun going all year round! 

    With all things in life, the answer to these questions is that it all depends. My goal for these frugal tips is to give you a different perspective and have you think about your next purchase to decide if it is something that you really need or if it is something that you really want. These are two very different things. 

    When it comes to subscription boxes, you’ll always get a good value for the items that you get, but you have to decide if the items are really things that you need or even want in the first place. If you don’t need it and you definitely don’t want it, then you have your answer! 

    Let me know, do you currently have a subscription box that you love? Have you had a subscription box that didn’t live up to the hype? Let me know! I currently don’t have any subscription boxes, however, if there was a keto subscription box with products I’d actually eat then I’d probably get that!



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