Frugal Date Ideas

    Impress your date and save money with my top frugal date night ideas.


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    Today’s frugal tip comes just in time for the weekend. We are talking about frugal dating tips! 

    Dating doesn’t have to be expensive, but it easily can be if you do the traditional dinner and movies. How can you impress your date while also saving some money? I’m sharing my top frugal dating tip ideas with you! 


    A classic frugal date is a picnic in the park! You can make this date really casual or a little more elegant. 

    A simple thing you can do is bring a blanket, snacks, a speaker, and some drinks. You can ask your date to bring something as well! 

    If you want to make this a bit more romantic you can bring some wine, flowers, and a charcuterie spread. 

    There are so many ways to make a picnic a great date option. As long as it’s not too hot you can enjoy being outside, people watching, and talking. 


    Cook Dinner

    If you are past a first date, try cooking dinner at home with each other! I really love to cook and finding new recipes to cook is so fun. You and your date can pick a recipe together while one gets the ingredients and the other buys the wine or beer and snacks! Splitting the cost of these things will make cooking dinner at home really easy. 

    You can even bake cookies to enjoy after dinner! 

    Find a fun playlist to listen to as you cook, drink your wine or beer, and talk. 

    If the date is going well, you can watch a movie afterwards too. 

    Grab a coffee and go on a walk 

    You know I think making coffee at home is the way to go, but on a date, you might want to get coffee out! You can suggest getting coffee and going on a walk downtown or in a park as a date idea. If things go well, this can turn into lunch! Coffee and lunch is a much cheaper option than dinner and a movie. 

    Or if you want, try ice cream and a walk! You can always ask your date which they prefer. 

    Find coupons for dinner

    If you do want to go to dinner with your date, try to find a coupon for a restaurant. Groupon and other services like that always have coupons. Or go on Social Media to see if a place you like is having a happy hour. Going out for dinner doesn’t have to break the bank if you take the time to plan ahead! 


    Board Games with Friends 

    If you have couple of friends, suggest having your friends over for a couples date night of playing board games. Ask every couple to bring an appetizer and you’ll provide drinks and dessert. Everyone can contribute and you don’t have to feel like the burden is on you. 

    These are just a few ideas for frugal dates! I might do part 2 of this episode because there are so many ways to date on a budget! 

    Let me know, what is one of your favorite frugal dates? My boyfriend and I did a paint and wine class at home! He bought canvases, paint, paintbrushes, and wine for the night. Instead of going to one of those classes, we did it at home. It was so much cheaper than going to one of those classes and we got to do a few different date nights out of it! 

    Thank you for listening to this frugal episode of No Fear Episode! If you enjoyed this, please support this podcast by using the link in the show notes or go to! Your support means so much to me!

    Until then, have a great weekend and see you next Saturday! 



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