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    I am still sticking to the topic of subscriptions. There really is so much to talk about when it comes to subscriptions. 

    One subscription that is fairly new, but one that many of us have is Streaming Subscriptions. From Netflix to Disney Plus and Spotify to Apple Music, there are so many options out there for all of our streaming desires. 

    I personally love streaming subscriptions, especially when compared to cable. Cable is a thing of the past and I don’t know many people who have cable anymore. It’s expensive, there are limited channels, you have to watch commercials, and you have to watch what the channels tell you to watch. I don’t know about you, but that all sounds awful! 

    With all of the streaming services we have now though, I’m seeing that the cost is very similar to cable. If you subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney Plus, Apple Plus, Paramount, and Peacock Plus along with possibly a premium music streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music plus you are probably paying a lot of money! 

    So how can you still enjoy these amazing streaming services without them breaking the bank? I have a few tips for you that might help you with this! 

    The first is to pick the one that you actually want. Don’t subscribe to all of them just because you can. There isn’t enough time in the day to consume all of these services so you are really wasting a lot of money. For example, if you love music, just pick one music service to subscribe to instead of all of them. For TV and movie streaming, there might be certain platforms that better suit your movie and TV preferences. I specifically really love Netflix so that is one that I really want. I’ve recently subscribed to HBO Max and for the longest time I didn’t think there was content on this platform that I’d like, but there are some things I do like. On the other hand, I’ve heard that Peacock is great and when I looked at the content a lot of it wasn’t really anything I was interested in. So that is a service that I won’t be subscribing to. 

    Another tip is that if you find that you do need a few different streaming services is there a way that you can choose the lower cost option with commercials? Commercials are not ideal, but this might be a way to save some money. I know there is a cheaper version of Hulu with ads if you still want Hulu but want to save a few bucks. There is also the free Peacock account where you will have limited content, but still enough content for a free service! The same goes for music streaming. Is the free version of Spotify okay for your needs? I personally would only need the free version because I’m not listening to music on Spotify enough to justify it. The same goes with Youtube – can you use the free youtube app instead of paying for the premium youtube subscription that allows you to watch videos without commercials. 

    The next tip I have requires a bit of planning but could be the best option for you. You could rotate between all of the subscription services each month. What I mean by this is pay for Netflix one month and watch everything you want to watch. Then the next month cancel that subscription and pay for Disney Plus. After that month, cancel Disney plus and subscribe to HBO Max. This might be a bit extreme, but there could be times this works. Let’s say you want to subscribe regularly to Netflix, but you like two shows on Apple TV+. If you know when those shows come out then you can only subscribe to Apple TV+ for those months instead of an annual plan. 

    One really great thing about streaming services is there are usually promotional offers. These can be a week to a month for free or they can be something that your internet provider offers. If you sign up for a streaming subscription for a free week or free month make sure you know how to cancel that subscription if you don’t want to keep it. I talked about the good and the bad of free trial offers a few weeks ago so definitely check that out! You might also get certain streaming channels for free with your internet provider. We have HBO Max with AT&T when we got our internet in Indianapolis. It’s been great having this streaming service because it isn’t one I would pay for, but I have gotten a lot of value out of it already. One of our favorite shows, Eastbound and Down, is on HBO Max so we binged that over a few weeks. 

    And lastly, my favorite tip of them all, use your parent’s account! I’m joking of course, but also not really. Most Streaming services have family accounts where you can share your login info and each family member can have their own profile to not mess with everyone’s personalized algorithm. I remember before Netflix had user profiles I would watch Gossip Girl on my dad’s account and he would get so upset that his suggested shows were teen drama shows instead of his foreign films! Now with profiles that’s not an issue. But see if you can help pay for a portion of the Netflix bill if you use your parent’s account. It’ll be the cheapest option for you and make your parents pretty happy! You can even do this with friends. You all can split the subscription bill and share a common email and password. This makes having multiple streaming subscriptions a lot more affordable. I understand having a few streaming options because there is such great content on all of them and you might even find your new favorite show! 

    Let me know, what is your favorite streaming service? As I said, I love Netflix. It’s probably because the algorithm knows my profile so well that it can suggest the best content for me. 

    Thank you for listening to this week’s Frugal Tip episode! If you enjoyed it, consider sharing it with a friend or family member. If you love TV and Movies then make sure you check out Binge Bros – a podcast for any movie and TV lover. 

    Until then, have a great weekend and see you all next Saturday. 



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