How to Save Money Going to Concerts

    Concert season is back in full swing. Maximize your time and money spent at concerts with these tips.


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    Welcome back to another Frugal tip episode. This is a weekly weekend segment of no fear Finance all about ways to be frugal and our day-to-day lives. I’m your host Sara.

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    Now back to our frugal tip. 

    It is concert season and after about 2 years of not being able to go to concerts, I am sure everyone is very excited about this! Concerts are fun and a great way to see live music and socialize at the same time! However, they can get pricey! 

    So if you want to go to concerts and not break the bank, here are my tips on how to make going to concerts more affordable. 


    Stand in the Lawn 

    When you buy your concert tickets you get to choose the general area where you want to sit or even a specific seat. You have the pit, the middle section seating areas, and the lawn. I find the most value in the lawn standing area for a few reasons. 

    Let me show you the price difference of all of the seating options for a typical concert in Indianapolis, IN. 

    The price for the lawn seats is around $30. The pit can be $100 or more and some of the closer seated section options are $60 to  $400!

    Now, I would never want to be in the pit because it’s a little too close, loud, and rowdy for me. It might be for you, but I don’t really like being too close where I can’t see the entire stage, especially when there are cool light shows and fire! 

    If you wanted a set seat, you can choose to get a seated option, but I don’t find that you’re really that much closer for these seats and some of them can get pricey. Some of the closest seats for some of these concerts will run you $400. If you want to be close then go to the Pit. 

    Now the lawn is where it’s at. You get there early, sit on a blanket, and enjoy yourself. If you get there early you can find a prime seat right in the middle and pretty close. I could pay $30 more and get the further back seat in the seated area, but I can’t move around and why pay $30 more to be a little closer? It’s not really worth it for me. The lawn is its own experience and is really where the fun people are at! 


    Drive yourself (and have a DD if you’re drinking) 

    If you can’t walk to the concert you’re going to you’ll probably have to drive! You could Uber if you plan to drink, but I recommend driving yourself and having a Designated Driver if you do plan to drink. Remember, safety is always first. Never drink and drive! 

    After some of the concerts I’ve gone to, I looked at the uber costs and it was $150 just to go home! At that price, you can pay for your DD’s ticket, get them dinner, and still save money! 

    Figure out the parking situation early too. Some places may have free parking. Some might not, but if you plan ahead of time you might find a cheaper option that is a few blocks away. 

    Pregame if you can and eat at home

    If you arrive at the concert early you might be able to pregame in the parking area. In Indiana, there is no open container law so you can drink alcohol out and about as freely as you want! Now, why is pregaming a frugal tip? Well, drinks at the concert venue are about $13-$17 for a can of beer! That is ridiculous! 

    An even bigger frugal tip is to just not drink anything before either because your cost will go up with that.

    And with this, make sure you eat at home before the concert. I usually eat a late lunch that’s almost a dinner. I’m not tempted to buy the concert food and when I get home I’m not starving either. It’s just a tip so you don’t spend money on food at the concert venue. 


    Check the approved item list

    When you go to a concert there is always a list of things you can and cannot bring along with the clear bag policy. I have gone to two concerts in the same venue that allowed different items into the venue. One concert allowed blankets and chairs while the other did not. 

    Now at that second concert, so many people were checking in their blankets and chairs because they didn’t want to walk back to your car! Now if I were them I’d walk back to my car and put those items in my car. If you don’t want to walk back home you have to pay $5 for each item you are keeping there! That is so much money! So know what you can and can’t bring to the venue so you don’t pay a hefty fee as many people did at the concert I went to. 

    Radio contest 

    The last frugal tip I have is to enter into the radio contests to win free tickets to a concert! If there is a concert you really want to go to, you might want to buy tickets, but why not just enter into the contests! There is no harm in trying and if you do win then you can attend a concert for free! 

    Let me know, what are your frugal tips for going to concerts? My top one is standing in the lawn! 

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    Until then, have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Saturday. 



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