Angry Bees and the Link Between Nature and Medicine

    The miraculous medicinal properties of nature and more.


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    Save the bees, but make them a little bit angry.

    It turns out that the venom from “angry bees” has better medicinal qualities than the venom from… happy bees. This venom is used in treatments ranging from Parkinson’s disease to cancer. When you look into the research, it’s actually amazing how something as simple as bee venom can be for many health complications.

    It’s really interesting how natural life provides a multitude of health benefits to humans. I used to use a diabetes shot called “Byetta.” This amazing shot is made possible by the saliva of the Gila monster.


    And how do we know the needles in those shots are sterile? With the blue blood of horseshoe crabs. In fact, it’s the same blue blood of horseshoe crabs that makes sure the needles in COVID vaccines are good to go for injection. It all ties together! The proteins in the horseshoe crab blood are used to create something called a “LAL” test that makes sure no bacterias are on medical products.

    My only question is how do we even figure this out? How did we think “this Gila monster saliva could help diabetes treatment” or “yeah horseshoe crab blood is great for testing sterile needles.” I go into more detail on all the news surrounding angry bees and the controversies surrounding horseshoe crab blood in today’s episode.

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