New Ways to Go to Jail and Receive the Death Penalty in North Korea


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    Kim Jon-Un, the leader of North Korea, has declared that North Korean youth must be “more North Korean.” He is enacting a series of reforms that will force the youth to be more North Korean. The word boyfriend is gone and is replaced with the term “Male Partner.” They have identified 300,000 words that you cannot use. What happens if you use one of these words? You literally go to prison. This decree extends to certain clothing because it is “anti-North Korean.” Anti-social behavior can also land you in jail. Dress as a South Korean? Jail. Hug in public? Jail. Watch a South Korean TV show? Jail. Distributing South Korean TV shows? The death penalty. Hamburger now has a new word that translates to “meat between bread.” A smartphone is now “an intelligent handheld telephone.” The bottom line: Kim Jong Un is crazy.

    Virtual horse racing has entered the chat. Now you can buy, sell, breed, and race digital horses. How much does it cost? $5? $50? Nope, a good (virtual) horse will cost you $45,000. For a digital racehorse. Let that sink in. You can buy a real horse for less. Amazingly, over $30 million dollars have been spent on these virtual racehorses.

    Also on this episode: the New Jersey no whip rule, antics at the Olympics, and (big surprise here) China does what is good for China.



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