Obama’s Birthday Party Was a Tone Def Display of Elitism

    Obama: wear a mask and don't see people. Also Obama: let's have 500 celebrities come to my maskless birthday party.


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    The big headline for today’s Views on the News is the tone-deaf display of elitism that was Obama’s birthday party. In case you missed it, Obama turned 60 the other day. He celebrated at Martha’s Vineyard with a whopping 500 guests, all maskless. I wouldn’t be so upset if it wasn’t Obama who was also telling us to mask up and not see our loved ones because of COVID. Obama’s new slogan is rules for thee but not for me.


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    The birthday overall was one massive flex of Obama’s celebrity because that’s the only people that were there. No, the people who helped get him in office didn’t get the invite. Only celebrities. It’s obvious that Obama knew that his party was massive hypocrisy because there was a no-picture rule. Oops, looks like some people wanted to get clout online and took pictures anyway. Now we know that Obama thinks you should wear a mask, you should avoid any celebrations, but he can do whatever he and his celebrity friends want to do. I go into a lot more detail on the episode so take a listen to my rant.

    Speaking of hypocrisy, let’s talk about the EU for a second. You know how the EU is telling people they need to do better about climate change? Yet again, that doesn’t apply to the EU as they prepare to increase spending on private jets for politicians.

    Here’s a look at some other news we look at on this episode:

    • Spacesuit delays are going to push back our next moonlanding.
    • Supply chain issues are hitting school cafeterias.
    • Your cat is probably killing your plants.
    • Levi’s back away from cotton so they can avoid angering China.
    • Kenyan camels could cause the next COVID pandemic.
    • Not as mahy people can say they decended from the Mayflower as we previously thought.


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