Self-Driving Cars Are Having an Identity Crisis

    Something as simple as a name is causing a big legal battle between GM and Ford.


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    As we look to the future of travel and transportation, it is clear that the road is paved with self-driving vehicles. Tesla, the current leader in the technology, showed the world the magic that is autopilot. However, that name is a little bit deceiving. Can a Tesla drive itself? Sure, it can. But not without human assistance.

    Sticking to naming conventions, we come to the big headline on today’s episode. Ford and GM are taking legal shots at each other. No, it has nothing to do with the tech used in their self-driving systems. Instead, it’s a back and forth about the name of their self-driving systems.

    Yep, these two behemoths are fighting over a name. GM is suing Ford because Ford’s system, Blue Cruise, is too similar to the GM Super Cruise. However, Ford points out the obvious. It’s all an homage to the word cruise control. However, that won’t stop GM from moving forward with the case.

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