The Millionaire Murder Mystery


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    In 1943, millionaire Sir Harry Oakes was found dead at his home in Nassau, Bahama. The mystery surrounding these events is still debated to this day. Harry Oakes, born in Maine, was the wealthiest man in Canada after securing the second largest gold mine in North America. He later moved to the Bahamas to avoid taxes. The characters in this story reveal how mysterious this murder really is.

    We have Count Alfred de Marigny, the playboy who was married to Sir Oakes’s daughter. Harold Christie, a friend of Sir Oakes who discovered the body under a strange story. The Duke of Windsor, former King Edward VIII, was a very outspoken pro-Gergamy persona. Wallis Simpson, the wife of Duke Windsor, who might have been a Nazi spy.

    Greedy land developers, the Mafia, Nazis, British Royalty, and even voodoo magic come together as we take a look at the mystery surrounding the death of Sir Harry Oakes. Listen to learn more.



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