Why Are Doctors Around the World Quitting?

    Doctors around the world are quitting at a rapid rate. Places like Nigeria and Myanmar don't even have enough professionals to distribute COVID-19 vaccines.


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    The big item in today’s Views on the News is the massive shortage of doctors worldwide. In the last episode, we looked at the situation going on in Poland. Doctors are being persuaded to keep their jobs for a massive 4 Euro a month increase in wage. Unsurprisingly, this didn’t work and over half of their medical staff is leaving the field. Today we look at Nigeria and Myanmar.

    In Nigeria, 18,000 doctors are on strike for the fourth time since the COVID pandemic. Like Poland, they are going on strike because of pay. These doctors are saying that they haven’t been paid and are expected to work for basically nothing. The government of Nigeria is saying that it isn’t their fault, rather a regional issue they have no control over.

    Myanmar is experiencing similar problems. Doctors are refusing to work at government-run hospitals due to the lack of pay. Currently, 2.8% of Myanmar citizens have received a COVID vaccine. They have more vaccines but no doctors to distribute them to the public. We are witnessing similar situations like this all over the world and it all comes back to one thing: money.

    Other news covered in this episode:

    • There is a huge battle over cod raging between the EU and Norway. The EU is saying who gets to catch what fish and how much from Norways waters. However, Norway thinks the EU has no right to make these claims.
    • Mountain Dew is pairing up with the Boston Beer Company to make Hard Mountain Dew. It seems like all alcoholic drinks have to have the word “hard” in front of it nowadays.
    • It looks like the Green Party in Germany is going to take the lead in the current elections. The Green Party wants to take a hard line against Russia and China while aligning Germany with the US.


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