Your Coffee Might Give You Dementia


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    The big headline this week comes from a study conducted at the University of South Australia. Their findings show that if you drink too much coffee your brain actually starts shrinking. This leads to nasty side effects like dementia. I know what you’re thinking – “I only drink decaf coffee.” Nope, you still gotta be careful. To be fair, you really have to chug down coffee for this to impact you and you have to do it every single day. I suggest sticking to 3 cups of coffee a day to play it safe.

    Here’s the good (but also bad) news. Frostbite has hit Brazil and it’s causing a massive spike in coffee prices. To make matters worse, Brazil was already hit by a drought that diminished its supply. But wait, there’s more! There aren’t enough cans to ship their coffee anyway. Expect coffee across the board to increase in price and as much as double by 2022.

    Also on this episode:

    • A forest war is raging in Sweden between the conservationists and the loggers. Surprisingly, the loggers actually have a really solid case as to why logging might be the more environmentally friendly practice.
    • Detroit is bringing in 300,000 new bees in an initiative add 12 million bees to the City of Detroit. The downside? They got the wrong bees. These new bees are killing native bees, spreading disease among them, and are even attacking humans.
    • US Senator Tina Smith just introduced a bill that will allocate $15 million to study something that we already know is unconstitutional and – oh – happened in the 1800s.
    • Remember the Wells Fargo fake accounts scandal from a few years back? Neither does Wells Fargo because they are doing everything in their power to erase the companies history. This includes removing their 9 story tall Wells Fargo stagecoach hot air baloon from their annual ballon fest, selling off items in their museum, and more.
    • Dino nugget mania is sweeping the land. Dinosaur shapped nuggets are a hit for companies and they are doubling down on their investment. This extends to other food like mozzarella stick! Expect a Baby Yoda shapped nugget of sorts soon because that is reportedly in the works.
    • San Fransisco, in an effort to use tax payer money efficiently, is investing $20,000 on trash cans. Wait, no, that’s the cost of ONE trash can. Yep, San Fransisco is spending $20k a pop on Gucci trash cans.

    Listen to hear this week’s views on the news.



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