#21 – See You Next Season!

This weekend on Dinner and a... podcast, it's time for the last episode of the season. It might be the last (for now), but it's a fun one!!!

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We have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that its summer! The bad news is that its summer! That’s good because it means it’s time for you to soak up the sun, go out, and enjoy the time with family and friends. It’s bad because, well, you don’t have as much free time since the cold isn’t keeping you in. Ergo, it’s time for Dinner and a… to take a summer vacation. Don’t worry, we have a normal episode for you today. And! You can always catch me on my other podcast, Snapshots. Go soak up the sun and enjoy every second until the dreaded cold comes for us!! In the meantime, make a yummy Ceaser salad, read two books, and go ahead and subscribe your heart away to all the streaming there is!

-For food, Ceaser Salad

-For books, “The Brothers” by Stephen Kinzer and “The House of Mondavi” by Julia Flynn Siler

-For TV and Movies, everything!


Blaine is a retired attorney and professional wrestling promoter. He hosts Snapshots and Dinner and a... podcast.

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