Big Boy Summer

Today's debates on Mundane Madness podcast: McDonald's vs Wendy's, craft beer vs mass-produced beer, and pineapple on pizza vs off pizza.

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Today’s debates: McDonald’s vs Wendy’s, craft beer vs mass-produced beer, and pineapple on pizza vs pineapple off pizza. Also, let’s get thick this summer for Big Boy Summer. 

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My name is Chase Pittman. I’m a current graduate student which means I’m opinionated on everything. I enjoy long walks on the beach and a good book. Check out me and my lifelong friend as we debate everything and anything on Mundane Madness.


My name is Cooper Brock and I love reading, drinking beer, listening to the weirdest music I can find, and the occasional bike ride. However, my favorite hobby is vehemently disagreeing with anything that comes out of my friend Chase’s stupid mouth. If you’d like to see me take part in my favorite pastime, check out Mundane Madness on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you find audio.

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