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Frugal Tip: Become Edward Scissorhands

This past weekend I got a haircut. No, not like that. I didn’t go to a salon or get help. Instead, I challenged myself and learned to cut my hair. What I learned is that it’s not as hard as you’d imagine. In this episode, I break down how much you spend every year by just getting a haircut. You’ll be amazed to see how much is flying out of your wallet for your hair. I’m not saying to never get your hair cut! I’m recommending maybe skipping it and going every other time or taking a few months off from getting it cut. Guess what, they even make products for you to cut your hair at home and YouTube is your best friend. I know it sounds scary – and you might mess up. That’s normal but it will grow back! Grab some scissors or a razor and learn how to cut your own hair!

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