Frugal Tip: Free AirPods? What’s the Catch?

On today's episode of No Fear Finance Podcast, we talk about my favorite season: the Apple back-to-school sale!

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It’s my favorite season – the Apple back-to-school summer sale. If you need new tech then listen to this episode ASAP. You can use the Apple back-to-school summer sale to your advantage even if you aren’t a student. No – just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it. But, if you truly need a new computer, iPad, or another device then now is the time to jump on this. As a bonus, you get free AirPods with this sale (there’s the catch). Take a listen to the ridiculous deals you can grab this season.


Sara is a Content Portfolio Specialist on-site at Eli Lilly & Company. She is a professional librarian, Accredited Financial Counselor candidate, and adjunct instructor teaching personal financial literacy. Sara enjoys traveling and cooking!

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