After Dark #1: Animated Character Bid Meeting/Draft

Curious to know which animated characters would make the mark for the Binge Bros Podcast (Beta Beta Pi) fraternity? Lucky you, we figure that out today on the premiere episode of Binge Bros: After Dark. BB: After Dark is a new, special type of episode we’re testing out. We’ll do a few of these until we find a grove. Every episode will focus on a different topic (so no more bid meetings, that’s a one-time thing) all around movies, tv, and entertainment. Joining us on every episode of BB: After Dark is recurring guest, John.

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About Binge Bros: Reviewing whatever is trending on Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and all the major streaming platforms. We give you our opinions on the same movies and tv shows you’re watching so you can repeat it to a friend at a party and say it’s an original thought (you’re welcome). We also cover the latest in entertainment news in a segment we call “Did You See.”


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