Prediction: Apple TV+ Will Dominate Streaming Exactly One Year From Today


    Joey and I recently watched the Ted Lasso season 2 premiere. If you’ve never listened to an episode of the podcast then it’s important to understand that we loved Ted Lasso season one. The production value, the writing quality, and the acting made it an easy five-star show for both of us. Now that season two is out we are reviewing it week by week on Binge Bros (listen to our review of the first ep). Spoiler alert: we loved the first episode. The same characters we grew to love are back and this first episode hooked us off the bat.

    Here comes the fun.

    Joey, king of predictions (throwback to when we did a Bachelorette draft), made one of the most ballsy claims I’ve ever heard in my life. Apple TV+ will overtake Netflix and become the dominant streaming platform by July 30, 2022. Good news everyone, I set a reminder on my phone exactly one year from today.

    Here’s the thing. I don’t necessarily disagree with Joey. I think Apple TV+ will be the dominant streaming service along with Disney+. Do I think it will be exactly a year from today? Eh, that’s a bit egregious. Ten years from today? Without a doubt. Apple TV has taken an approach that I absolutely love. Quality programming over quantity programming. Ted Lasso? Banger. The Morning Show? Amazing. Schmigadoon? The definition of a good musical TV show. They make good shit, what can I say.

    The real loser of all the streaming platforms is without a doubt going to be HBO Max. I like HBO Max but they don’t seem to have an identity in the streaming world. They have DC… K. Mark my words, Apple TV+ and Disney+ are coming out on top. Netflix is going to be a close third. Netflix might be king now but they really need to turn it around if they want to stay on top.

    Also in this episode, we cover a round of news. Michael B. Jordan is doing a rendition of Superman (YES), the Olympics viewership is doo-doo, a new Batgirl movie, District 10, and more. Plus, an interview with Matthew, host of the Amalfi Media podcast From the Swamp to the Swamp. He comes on to discuss all things trailers. New trailers for must-see movies this year, the art of the trailer, how trailers have changed over time, and a lot more that you won’t want to miss.


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