Beckett: A Netflix Flop That Had So Much Potential

    Twists and turns, a plot that was filled with potential, and a great cast - all the elements of a stellar movie. Then why was "Beckett" so bad?


    Beckett had every single element possible to be an absolute banger of a movie. John David Washington? Check. Alicia Vikander? Check. A promising plot? Check. This movie took us through twists and turns I was never expecting. Thrill rides through Greece, a corrupt US Embassy agent, political assassinations, a kidnapping, and a man caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    So why was this movie so… stale? I can guarantee you it wasn’t because of the acting. Mark my words, John David Washington is only just getting started. It’s a shame they killed off Alicia Vikander so early, though. She really could have shined in a movie like this. But, at its roots, the movie was so bland because it was trying to be too many things at once.

    It’s not that you cannot try multiple different things in a movie plot. We see it often. But it’s what happened in between. We got a lot of information and plot at the top of the movie, a lot of information and plot at the bottom of the movie, but a lot of nothing in the middle of the movie. Honestly, it felt like we were watching John David Washington practice for a marathon for half of the film. Also, how many gunshots and stab wounds can one person take. It was a little bit outrageous.

    All that being said, I liked this more than Tenet. Tune in to this episode for the full review.

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