Black Widow Exceeds Our Expectations, Fast 9 Sucks


    Ok, let’s clear something up. If you’ve been listening to the podcast then you know we weren’t really expecting much from Black Widow. One of us (hint: it’s Natty) specifically said it would “suck.” The other (hint: it’s Joey) thought it would be ok. We were both so wrong. This movie exceeded all of our expectations. It was fun, fast-paced, and an overall solid story. Here’s a hot take. Marvel movies are better than Marvel tv shows. The shows are definitely good, but they’re missing that magical element that the movies always seem to capture. This movie is no exception. It captures the movie experience you love from Marvel. And, on top of a solid movie, we officially have a new character in the MCU that ties in with Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

    Fast 9, on the other hand, was so bad. Just awful. We dm’d a friend of ours, Francis, and he summed it up perfectly by calling it “disrespectful” to the franchise. What an egregious film. Maybe it’s time we just end that saga? Take a listen to this episode of the podcast to hear our review of both.


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