Clickbait Review

    A Netflix show that highlights the dangers of our rapidly evolving digital world. But, does the show live up to the hype?


    Videos go viral often, each for different reasons. Some are for humor, while some go viral to send a message. But could you imagine a video going viral for a kidnapped person, who if a certain amount of views is achieved dies? That concept is what the new Netflix TV Drama Clickbait tries to capture. A concept that becomes more believable with a society that is dominated by social media. Clickbait exposes the flaws of dating apps.

    I have been off dating apps for a very long time. But my co-host, Natty, is a frequent user of said programs. Trust me that place can be toxic enough, and Clickbait takes it to a new level. We dive deep into the show’s plot, character profiles, and more on today’s episode.

    Also on today’s show, we have arguably the best episode of Ted Lasso to date in Episode 6. The episode has a little bit of everything and we were super eager to discuss it after watching it. Also on this show a round of Did You See and finally Natty’s Kung Fu Panda II review. We are excited to check out Shang Chi for next week’s episode.


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