Did “The Suicide Squad” Save DC?

    After years of subpar movies, does "The Suicide Squad" mark the start of DC's redemption ark?


    DC. The two words that, when put together, can turn off literally anyone in the world. Is that harsh? No, harsh is forcing someone to watch a 3-hour long movie entirely in a 4:3 aspect ratio like Zack Snyder’s Justice League. DC has done a terrible job at building a solid fan base. They’ve been riding off of the coattails of the Christian Bale Batman trilogy since 2012. No doubt, every once in a while they snuck in a decent movie, but never a banger.

    So when I heard positive pre-release reviews of The Suicide Squad, I was skeptical. Everyone was gassing it up as if it was going to be the movie of the year. But it’s DC, I heard the same thing about Aquaman and we saw how that turned out.

    The day finally rolled around for us to watch The Suicide Squad on HBO Max. I went in curious, yet nervous at the same time. Would it live up to the hype? Or would I leave disappointed, as I always do with their movies?

    You heard it here first: I liked The Suicide Squad. I was immediately hooked when they killed off half the cast within the first 15 minutes of the movie. I honestly expected Pete Davidson to have a massive part in the plotline so to see his gruesome death was a big shock.

    What really sold the movie to me was that DC finally nailed humor. It always seemed like DC was attempting Marvel-style humor that fell flat. While Harley Quinn was still pretty cringy (minus that BA escape from jail scene), the overall humor was well-paced and solid.

    Anyway, take a listen to this episode to hear our full review of the movie. We also cover some news at the top of the episode and review Ted Lasso season 2 episode 3.


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