Are We in a Golden Era of TV?


    Blaine joins us on the podcast today to discuss if we are in a golden era of television. Honestly, it seems like that’s the case. The streaming wars seem to have basically revolutionized the television industry. Name a top 5 show and chances are most of those shows are within the last 10 years. Budgets, technology, talent, and distribution have gone through the roof. Tune in to that guest appearance to hear all of us discuss it in more detail. Movies on the other hand are a very different story.

    Speaking of bad movies, we also review Space Jam: A New Legacy on this episode of the podcast. Wow. Really didn’t think it was possible to get worse than Fast 9. Congratulations, LeBron, because you managed to do it. I really thought Fast 9 would be the worst movie of the year but Space Jam quickly took that spot.

    Also on this episode: Joey’s synopsis of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, two quick rounds of news, and a discussion on movie sequels.


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