Loki Finale Sets the Stage for the Future of Marvel


    The ending of Loki actually got me excited to see the new Dr. Strange movie. Congratulations, because I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. Now that the multiverse is branching, the possibilities are endless. Does this confirm the rumors that Toby Maguire will return to Spider-Man? We hope so. But the finale also brings some concern. Is this multiverse era going to alienate “softcore” Marvel fans? Only time will really tell. I’m excited though. Listen to this episode to hear our rundown of the Loki finale and our opinions on what it means to the future of Marvel.

    Also on this episode, Emilie joins the podcast and talks “Too Hot To Handle.” Crab Grab is mentioned at least 10 times. And, of course, a round of did you see at the top. This weeks entertainment news:

    • Disney Marvel Cruise
    • Black Widow breaks post-pandemic records
    • Streaming services sweep Emmy nominations
    • Gossip Girl reboot breaks streaming records
    • Loki renewed
    • MTV cribs is back

    Let us know what you thought of Loki. Oh, also, Loki kissed Loki and that really freaks me out for some reason.


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