No, Marvel Movies Are Not “Cut and Paste”

    This just in, Dune Director Denis Villeneuve tells Hercules his story is "cut and paste" from all other Greek mythology.


    Dune director Denis Villeneuve made headlines this week. No, not for making a good movie, that has yet to be determined (my early thoughts: Dune is gonna blow). Rather, Villeneuve has joined the likes of Scorsese and Coppola. That’s right, we have another Marvel hater. Aka, we have more jealousy from people who make bad movies and take out their frustrations on other films. Calm down, that’s not directed towards Scorsese or Coppola, those two are legends.

    Villeneuve, I have news for you: if your movie has a beginning that sets up the film, a middle where we question the ability of the good guy to win, and a big fight scene where the good guy ultimately ends up on top, then congratulations because your movie is a “cut and paste” of a Marvel movie.


    Honestly, I’m upset at Villeneuve right now. What a disingenuous thing to say. The hero’s journey, while coined in 1949, has been a thing since Greek mythology. Hey Zeus, all your stories are cut and paste of other stories please fix that asap. This just in, Dune Director Denis Villeneuve tells Hercules his story is “cut and paste” from all other Greek mythology.

    Do you see how ridiculous that sounds, Villeneuve? Are Marvel movies cinematic masterpieces? Absolutely not and I don’t think anyone is trying to say they are. Are they all the same? Yes and no. Yes, Marvel movies follow the hero’s journey (as millions of other movies, books, and TV shows do). With the exception of Infinity War, I know that the good guy always wins and the bad guy always loses (I wonder if that will be the case for Dune. Hint: it will.).

    However, you cannot watch a Marvel movie and say the characters are “cut and paste” from all other Marvel films. And, after all, the characters are what make the movies. What Tony Stark has to face when he realizes the corruption of his military tech in the first Iron Man is nowhere near the same emotional arch that Peter Parker has to go through when navigating life as a teenage superhero.


    Also, Marvel has managed to blend multiple genres into one. The typical superhero movie is a genre. What Marvel has done is take the superhero genre and mashed it together with other genres. We get heists, spy movies, thrillers, espionage flicks, a throwback sitcom that’s partially in black and white, and more. Oh, sorry, that’s “cut and paste.” Sure.

    Villeneuve, do better and stop being jealous. I’ll watch Dune even though it looks average at best. However, I can’t wait to watch it and tell you how “cut and paste” your movie is after the good guy looks like he’ll lose but ultimately wins in the end. What a joke of a claim.

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