Outer Banks Season 2 Review


    Outer Banks holds a special place in our hearts. First, because it’s an absolute banger of a show. But, more importantly, it’s the show that inspired us to basically start Binge Bros. We owe a debt of gratitude to Outer Banks.

    For the past year, we’ve basically dropped an OBX reference on every episode of the podcast. Naturally, when season two dropped, we binged it in a day. Our review is in, and?

    Season two is……. better than season one. You heard it here first, season two took it to a whole new level. There was constant action, drama, and intrigue during the entire series. Sure, Kiara basically ruined everything for everyone during the entire season. Sure, Topper proved that simping can elevate to a god level. Sure, John B was bit by an alligator and Sarah Cameron was shot yet miraculously both were OK two seconds later.

    But you don’t watch it because it’s good. You watch it because it’s Outer Banks. And this is Outer Banks at its best. Also, we both loved the new characters introduced this season and how they played out during the show. Anyways, listen to this episode of the podcast to hear the full review.

    Also on this episode:

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