Shang-Chi Review

A breath of fresh air in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Shang-Chi reaffirms that phase 4 of the MCU is going to be a banger.

I’m not going to lie, I doubted the MCU for a period of time. How do you top Endgame? Beyond that, how do you keep the characters fresh while also keeping the audience invested? For perspective, I’ve been watching Marvel movies since I was 11. Barack Obama was still President and the iPhone was only a year old. As I grew up, so did the characters on screen. It became a sort of emotional investment and one that I could always rely on as I aged. After Endgame, it’s as if a chapter of my life ended. I’m about to enter the next demographic bracket marketers look at and I have to meet new MCU characters. So Marvel has a lot to live up to (and so does my wallet. Jokes on you, marketers, I’m broke). And, until Shang-Chi, we haven’t seen many new characters.

The recent shows on Disney+ are good. But, in reality, the shows are fodder for the movies. Black Widow was just an extenuation of the movies I’ve watched over the past 11 years. Shang-Chi put my doubts to rest.

It’s such a classic Marvel movie, yet different at the same time. You have good guys and bad guys. You have good vs evil. And, we all know that good wins in the end. Marvel movies are so predictable but they still manage to rope you in.

Perhaps the most enchanting aspect of Shang Chi was the choreography. Dare I say badass? I can’t really think of a better word that encapsulates the fighting, though. The skyscraper scene specifically is one of the best-choreographed shots in Marvel history. I’m not lying, my hands were sweating just watching that. They also made a fight scene… romantic.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have bad parts. The ending felt rushed to me and left me wanting slightly more. Also, why does Captain Marvel always have a phone call during end credit scenes? I swear she dips for a phone call every time the world needs her.

Overall, Shang-Chi was phenomenal and Marvel isn’t going anywhere. Listen to today’s episode for a very in-depth review.

Also on this episode, we dive into Ted Lasso episode 7 and try to figure out why the hell Nate is such a dick all of a sudden. It’s incredible that Jamie Tartt has managed to become the most likable character and Nate the least likable. We also cover a ton of entertainment news at the top of the episode so give it all a listen.


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