There’s No Way That’s Dr. Strange in Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Something was off with the Dr. Strange we saw in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer.


    The new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer dropped. Naturally, we take a deep dive into that topic on today’s episode of the podcast.

    However, something we didn’t touch on was Dr. Strange. Did anyone else think everything about his attitude was… out of character? I understand that Dr. Strange is notorious for having a massive ego. Furthermore, this is coming off the fact that Dr. Strange literally just saved the entire universe after Endgame. If I were him my ego would be through the roof too.


    Still, he seemed way too cavalier about performing a spell with such massive implications. We’re supposed to believe that Dr. Strange goes from “I’d rather you die than sacrifice this stone on my kneck” to “let’s maybe fuck up the multiverse, why not sound fun.”

    Look, I’ll say it, Dr. Strange is sus in this trailer. I have three theories on this, and one is really out there.

    The first is that the Dr. Strange we see in this trailer is actually a variant or Mephisto. This would explain the sinister vibes we pick up in the trailer and the fact that Dr. Strange seems to be fighting Peter.

    My second theory is that Strange performs this spell right as Sylvie opens up the multiverse. These events might be unknown to strange at the time. In a perfect universe, before the multiverse is split open at the end of Loki, the spell might be safe to perform. But all cards are off the table if the events at the end of Loki align exactly as Strange performs this spell. So Strange is on an ego trip but has no idea what’s happening with the multiverse.


    Alright, my last theory is really out there. Just go with me here. You see that wink in the trailer that Strange gives? Almost reminds us of a wink we see from an evil illusionist AKA Agatha. Yeah, my last theory is that this Dr. Strange is actually Agatha.

    Here’s another thing that’s off: Dr. Strange is still wearing the Eye of Agomotto in this trailer. But Thanos destroyed the Eye of Agomotto, so how is Strange wearing it again all of a sudden?

    Look, the new Spider-Man movies have a theme. Without fail, Peter is let down or betrayed by his mentors. Tony Stark ignores his warning about the Vulture in the first movie. In the second movie, Mysterio completely cons Peter. It wouldn’t be out of character for the exact same thing to happen to Peter in this movie.


    Anyway, listen to this episode of the podcast for our full breakdown of the trailer.

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