Venom: It’s Time for Sony to Quit

    Confusing, bland, and stale are the best words to describe the latest from the Venom franchise.


    Venom: Let There Be Carnage was a joke of a movie. They take a great character (Eddie & Venom) and churn out a bland, predictable, and snoozer of a movie. I left this movie realizing that I would be ok if the franchise never continued on. Of the few things they got right was the name because no word better describes this movie than carnage.

    Their first mistake was making Venom a hero. He’s not even an anti-hero. Sure he eats heads. But it’s only those of bad guys. I find it hard to believe that the Venom we just saw on film is one of Spider-Man’s biggest enemies. If anything, he’d be a Spider-Man ally based on this rendition. Sony, Venom is not supposed to be the good guy.

    The second mistake was making this a PG-13 movie. Go the Deadpool direction and own up to the character. Venom is and always should have been an R-rated movie. Deadpool proved that R-rated anti-hero movies are a massive hit. Making Venom PG-13 severely limits what the character can do. That likely explains why this Venom is a good guy.


    The third mistake was making the movie so short. An hour and a half is not enough time for a Venom movie. An art-house movie is one thing. Those can get away with being short. But when you have complex characters, villains trying to bring down the world, and supernatural powers, you need to lengthen what’s on the screen. Otherwise, you end up right here: a confusing movie. It’s rushed. The character arcs aren’t fully explained. You get no meat, it’s just an appetizer that leaves you hungry for something better.

    The only good thing was the end credit scene basically confirming that Venom will be in the next Spider-Man movie. That actually gives me hope because the people over at Marvel write those and probably had control over Venom.

    This movie was bad. Sony, seriously consider handing the rights of Venom over to Marvel, they would do it justice. If you’re thinking of seeing this one, save your money.


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