Worth Movie Review

    An emotional movie that makes you empathize, think, and connect with the victims of 9/11 in a unique way.


    In memory of 9/11, we thought it was appropriate to review “Worth,” a new Netflix movie starring Michael Keaton, Stanley Tucci, Amy Ryan, and more.

    It’s difficult to make a 9/11 focused movie. First, almost all aspects of 9/11 are already films and documentaries. Second, it’s an incredibly sad period of recent history. What unfolded in “Worth” had us pleasantly surprised.

    Instead of focusing on the immediate moments surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks, “Worth” makes us look towards the periods right after the tragedies unfolded. Specifically, it focuses on the financial aspects related to the victims.

    It is actually something I never considered. After any terrorist or extremist attack, there are victims. With that comes the question of compensation. How do you compensate someone who lost a loved one in a terrorist attack like 9/11? Furthermore, how, if at all, can you distinguish the worth of someone who worked as a CEO versus someone who was on the janitorial staff? It’s an incredibly uncomfortable question but it is also a reality of the situation.


    “Worth” does an incredible job of showing you just how tough it is to deal with those questions. It brings to life the pain that families dealt with after the attacks on the World Trade Center. For example, one of the most thought-provoking moments was when someone said “when we saw the attacks, we thought ‘those poor people’ who lost loved ones. It wasn’t until a few hours later that we realized we were those poor people.” My apologies for any misquoting as I’m going off memory.

    For anyone that is doubting “Worth,” go and watch it. It is emotional, it makes you think, and it reminds you that there are moments where we come together to help one another.

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