If You Do This in a Movie Then You Are the WOAT


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    If you continuously ask questions during a movie or use your phone during a movie, then we must inform you that you are the literal WOAT. Do you know what’s better than you? Space Jam 2. Yes, Space Jam 2 has a closer place in my heart than you. To clarify, Space Jam 2 is terrible.

    Why? Why do you get so much pleasure from ruining an otherwise wonderful experience? As Chase points out in this episode, you’re basically prioritizing your experience above everyone else’s. SMH, no shame. Anyways, here’s a look at today’s debates on the podcast:

    • Subtitles vs no subtitles
    • Gummy bears vs gummy worms

    If you couldn’t tell, today’s pet peeves are people who text during a movie and people who always ask questions during a movie. Stop. Seriously, just stop. Do you think these professional writers won’t eventually answer your questions? I’m getting heated just writing this. Listen to hear us go off on people like this on the ep.

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