How to Save Hundreds on the iPhone 13

    Apple is about to announce the iPhone 13. Here's how you can save hundreds of dollars upgrading your phone to the latest iPhone.


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    Updated 9/14/2021 at 2:26pm EST

    The Fall Apple event has just ended and we just found out about the new Apple Watch Series 6 and iPhone 13! Lots of new things and major improvements on things like battery life and storage. I am beyond excited about the 1 TB option on the iPhone Pro! Wow!

    New Trade-In Options are now available for these devices.

    iPhone Trade-In Options

    You can now trade in old iPhones and other smartphones for the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro models.

    If you have the iPhone 12 Pro Max you can get up to $790 of trade-in credit along with special offers from your carrier. See the screenshot below for the trade-in values. It is really exciting that you can trade in different brands of smartphones now!

    Apple Watch Trade-In Options

    Sadly, the Apple Watch Series 7 will not be available until the fall, but if you are wanting to upgrade your watch to a newer model then it is worth the wait!

    If you have a newer Apple Watch you can get up to $155 in trade-in value. If you have the series 3 like me, you can only get $70… I honestly might try to sell mine on Mercari and see if I can get a better value. I have time to test the resell market for this item since it won’t be coming out as soon as the new iPhone.

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    Now back to our Frugal Tip!

    In honor of Apple’s fall event happening on Tuesday, September 14th at 9 am pacific time, I wanted to do a frugal tip on how you can save money on your newest Apple device! If you have been listening to my podcasts for while then you all know that I have been saving up for a new iPhone! I have been waiting for months for Apple to announce the date of their fall event. We know Apple typically announces new iPhones and Apple Watches during their fall event. 

    Storage has always been an issue for me. I love taking photos and videos and I don’t really like to delete things from my phone. There are so many memories I can access! So with that, I plan to get the highest storage option available. Honestly, I hope there is a 1 TB option. 


    I like to estimate the cost of my new purchase because I need to make sure I have enough saved to pre-order the new iPhone when it comes out. When I was on the Apple website, I noticed that there is an option to Trade in Your current Apple device for a credit towards your purchase! I pretended to buy a phone with the Trade-In option so I could really understand it. I was going to put my phone up for sale on Mercari, but if Apple will take my phone and recycle it or fix it for resale, I’d rather just use Apple for how convenient they make it! 

    I had to enter the specific model of my phone, the condition it was in, along with my phone carrier. Each carrier has different specials if you do a trade-in which is really nice! Apple will give me $220 for trading in my iPhone X and my mobile carrier, T-Mobile, will provide up to $340 of trade-in credit along with a $100 gift card! 

    So how does this all really work? This is just an estimate of your trade-in value. Make sure you know your iPhone model and make sure it’s in the condition you say it is! You don’t get the credit right away, but you will as soon as apple receives your phone. 

    You will have 14 days from purchasing your phone online to send in your device. Apple will inspect the device and verify its condition. If it matches what you said, you’ll get the full estimated amount. If not, you’ll get a received trade-in value. 

    Depending on how you pay will impact how you receive your credit. You can pay for your phone monthly or in full. I always do mine in full because I don’t like owing money. 


    If you choose monthly though, your trade-in credit will instantly lower your monthly payments. Once you send in your phone and it is verified, you’ll get an email with steps on how to complete the trade-in. 

    If you chose to pay for your phone in full, you will get a trade-in kit from Apple (which will be mailed to you and includes a box with a shipping label) and your payment method will be credited once Apple has received your device. 

    I don’t love that my Trade-In credit won’t be applied the day I buy my phone, but I have a month to make the credit card payment so my plan is to ship my old device as soon as I can so the credit hits my credit card sooner. 

    Now let’s also say that you said you have an older model than what you really have, you’ll be estimated a lower amount. So when Apple gets your device, they will credit your payment or lower your monthly payments with that estimated amount and the remaining amount will be in an Apple Store Gift Card. This is okay, but I’d rather the full amount be taken off my phone purchase than have this gift card laying around. So make sure you put in your correct phone model! This will greatly change your trade-in credit value. The older the phone the less back you will get and vice versa. 


    So if you are like me and you are planning to get the new iPhone 13 when it is announced this coming Thursday, then consider a trade-in! Back up your old phone, move your photos to your computer, and give Apple your phone! You don’t need to keep an old phone just in case or try to sell it yourself when Apple makes it so easy. 

    Let me know, have you done an Apple Trade-in Before? What was your experience like? I am so excited to trade in my phone for a new one! 

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