Not All Retirement Looks the Same

    Over the next few week's we'll discuss the different types of retirement accounts and how you can prepare for retirement.


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    Welcome back to another episode of no fear finance – this is a financial podcast dedicated to the new young adult who wants to learn about money but doesn’t know where to start. I’m your host, Sara. 

    Last week I went over the importance of retirement. I hope you all can see why starting to think of retirement at any age is very crucial for your long-term financial goals and wellbeing. If you enjoyed that episode, consider supporting No Fear Finance! Find a link in the show notes or go to to buy me a bag of coffee beans! 

    Today I want to talk about how not all retirement looks the same. There are many types of retirement accounts and they all work a little differently. There are accounts that you can open up and there are accounts that your employer opens up. There are accounts where you pay taxes when you put the money in and there are accounts where you pay taxes when you take your money out. 


    I won’t go into all of these accounts today, but I want to lay out how the rest of these episodes will go. 

    Each week I will cover different types of retirement accounts. I’ll give you a general overview of these accounts, the pros, and cons for that account, what to consider when opening up this type of account, and how you can use this type of account. It will be very similar to the savings episodes where I go over everything you need to know about those accounts. 

    We will be building upon our knowledge about retirement accounts so you can make the right decision on what account is best for you and also what to know when you get a job! When you work a full-time job there will be retirement options for you to choose from, but something it’s really confusing if you are new to the world of retirement. I know when I got my first job it wasn’t really explained well to me, but I had help from my boyfriend who explained it to me. 


    If you have questions along the way, please contact me and I’d be happy to answer them! If you have questions then I know others have questions. You can contact me on or on No Fear Finance TikTok or Instagram! There are so many ways to reach out to me. 

    And if you want to support No Fear Finance and Amalfi Media, please consider buying us a cup of coffee or even two! It’s a Monday so I know I need two cups of coffee personally. You can find a link in the show notes to support us or go to 

    Thank you for listening to another episode of no fear finance! Check out my other episodes if you are new or read the No Fear Finance Blog. Check out the other Amalfi Media content – we have blogs, podcasts, and a youtube channel! 

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