Abortion and Guns: Do Regulations Work?

For years various groups have either advocated for or opposed regulations on a variety of topics, none more controversial than abortion and firearms. Both stories have re-entered the public consciousness this week in the wake of yet another school shooting in Michigan while the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case involving Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban. Both incidents have led to examination of whether regulations work. In this episode, I talk about the nature and origin of regulations as well as how they fit into the fabric of our social contract.

Regulations of business, zoning, social media, schools, and more are discussed every day and it is fascinating to see the contradictions both liberals and conservatives wrap themselves in when they advocated for more regulations in one area while bemoaning regulations in other areas. Perhaps this simply comings down to being a nation of vices, excess, and contradictions. Does that mean we should simply throw our hands up and allow for chaos to reign? The formation of government comes with an inherent knowledge that we are forgoing some freedom in order to live a better life for all. If some aspect of our society becomes so unbalanced that we can no longer promise that better life under the conditions of our government then it might be time to recalibrate those laws, those regulations, those social contracts, to remedy the situation.


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