Election Day: Who Will be Virginia’s Next Governor?

Election Day 2021 is upon us and if you’re not prepared, do not be alarmed. Most of the country is not voting, but a few states (and commonwealths) have off-year elections for governor and assembly races. Tonight, the eyes of the country will be fixated only a few miles from our nation’s capital as the Commonwealth of Virginia is set to decide its next governor. The race pits former governor Terry McAuliffe (D) against newcomer Glenn Youngkin (R) in a campaign that has tapped into relevant national issues. Topics such as parental control over school curriculum have been central in the campaign as the debate over Critical Race Theory has been raging within the Loudon County School Board meetings on a weekly basis and has received significant national attention. The campaign has also featured tried and true attacks attempting to frame McAuliffe as a “tax and spend” liberal while Democrats have focused on the extremist nature of several groups supporting Glenn Youngkin.

The race is currently a toss-up with most major media outlets polling it as a tie or a small 1-point margin for McAuliffe. In a race this close, everything will come down to turnout and off-year elections typically are not kind to Democrats, and to add to that, the party of the president traditionally loses seats and votes in midterm or off-year elections. The outcome of the seat could dictate the tone, rhetoric, campaign tactics, and types of candidates that will run across the country in the 2022 congressional midterm elections. Tune in to listen to me break the race down and give you the inside scoop from the Beltway about how the race will break down and what you need to know.


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