European Elections and French Diplomacy

A look at politically substantive stories taking place around the globe.

The last week of American politics has been filled with discussions over the dresses worn by attention-seeking politicians at the Met Gala and juicy details from a tell-all book that showed a Mary Antoinette-level of self-awareness from the former First Lady while citizens were violently storming the capitol. However, what you might be aware of is the fact there have been very real politically substantive stories taking place around the globe.

This week, I spend some time talking about the recent Norwegian election results and how they fly in the face of the popular narrative that right-wing nationalism is overtaking Europe. I also discuss the upcoming German elections, which will see a new Chancellor named after Angela Merkel decided to step down after 16 years in power. Interestingly, the same movement to the left that we saw in Norway is taking place in Germany as Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats are flailing in the polls and it’s looking increasingly likely that Germany will be covered by a center-left coalition that will include the Green Party.


Finally, I pontificate about yet another foreign policy blunder by the Biden Administration as the French (yes, the French) have withdrawn their ambassador to the United States and Australia after we spurned them on a naval military deal to instead sign an agreement with the United Kingdom. It’s one thing to upset our enemies, it’s quite another to upset one of our closest allies. I break it all down and let you know how these international stories are impacting your world.


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