Opinions on the Krysten Sinema Harassment Situation

The most appalling part of the entire Krysten Sinema affair has been the lack of outcry or admonishment of the protestor’s behavior.

Last week Krysten Sinema was harassed by progressive protesters who object to her moderation in the United States Senate. The group of activists went so far as to follow Sinema into the bathroom and film the entire escapade believing this would help their cause. This week on the podcast, I discuss how actions such as these were frequently called out by progressive groups when President Trump and Republicans engaged in political incivility, but now it suddenly seems okay.

Sinema’s only offense for bringing on this behavior is seemingly being too moderate and not 100% supporting President Biden’s agenda, which is totally within her prerogative. Politicians of their party should not be mindless automatons who simply follow what party leaders spout, but represent the views of their constituents. In the case of Sinema, she represents Arizona, which is an evenly divided state in terms of their politics and she is representing that position by supporting more moderated legislation, similar to that of Senate Joe Manchin (D-WV).

The most appalling part of the entire affair, however, has been the lack of outcry or admonishment of the protestor’s behavior by those on the left who would have by screaming from the mountain tops if similar actions had been taken by conservative activists or encouraged by former President Trump. The double standard of behavior is deplorable and there is no place for this type of harassment of elected officials in a civilized democracy, no matter how much you may disagree with them. Get my full answer to this listener question and more on this episode of From the Swamp to the Swamp.


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