The Politics of Persuasion

Can You Change People’s Minds in Politics?

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year election cycle in an effort to mobilize and convince people to vote for certain candidates. However, is political persuasion even possible? People tend to have a deeply developed worldview by the time they reach full adulthood and the impact of political campaigns is often negligible in terms of convincing people to change their vote.

In today’s podcast, I take a look at a few current efforts in Virginia, which is one of the few states going through a statewide election in 2021. I break down the potential negative impact of door-to-door campaigning, how outlandish spectacles typically hurt your cause, and what both parties can learn from my lesson last week of vote boring. Is political persuasion even possible? Finally, I also identify how both political parties might be able to eventually convert people over time.


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