The Threat of China in the 2020s

Since the 1990s scholars and public officials have speculated over the rise of China as an economic and military force. However, behind the speculation was a house of cards that was propped up by state-funded banks and massive amounts of debt. China attempted to forego the typical uneven growth patterns of a developing nation by having a state-controlled economy. Nearly three decades after their rise, we are seeing China both at the pinnacle of its powers with their recent display of military might as well as at their most precarious economic point as Xi Jinping attempts to pull China back from the brink.

In this episode, I talk about how the United States should approach its dealings with China from an economic and military perspective in addition to a broader discussion about US foreign policy. It is time for us to look at a post-China world or to understand that in the next 20 years China may occupy the same space Russia currently does as a geopolitical foe who is attempting to destabilize our democracy but is no longer the nexus of the world’s economy. What does that mean for India, the United States, Africa, and the EU? Listen to find out!


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